What is a Business Advisor?

Have you ever felt like you’re “buried in the weeds”?

Do you feel like your business could be more profitable if you only had someone to advise you on how to keep things on track?  Does the idea of hiring a business advisor seem extravagant or mean that you have failed?  Not at all, so maybe it’s time to consider the value of bringing in someone with a different perspective.

A trusted business advisor can help you at all levels, having experience as an entrepreneur as well as coaching others grow their business.  You don’t need to have a multi-million dollar, or even a multi-$100,000, company to justify hiring an advisor. If you are committed, assessing where you are and getting you to where you want to be is more than worth the time and money you will invest.

Expect to fill out an online assessment questionnaire that will give the business advisor a good idea of your current state and your objective.  Like the forms you need to fill out before seeing your doctor, this step is important for the advisor to begin to develop a plan just for you.

What’s my Time Commitment?

You will then meet with your advisor for a free 60-90 minute consultation.  The first discussion will be to clarify your vision, or mission statement, by identifying your core values.  At this time you’ll discuss the status of your company, review the questionnaire and brainstorm ideas on guiding you to your vision.  Listening to your advisor is key because you want to get the most benefit from their experience. Value that will be added to your bottom line when you work together.

Generally you will meet with your advisor weekly or bi-weekly for a couple of hours, depending on the terms you agreed on together.  In addition, you may call or email if you need to discuss an issue before your next face-to-face.  Advisor accessibility is part of the package.

Where do we start?

You will delve into the strength of your corporate vision and culture.  It is not uncommon to have miscommunication between the leader(s) and team members regarding vision, issues and processes. Your advisor will coach you through anything from setting up metrics to track important numbers, personnel evaluation, efficient meetings and goal setting.

Quarterly group sessions that focus on setting and attaining goals are offered free of charge to the clients.  Attending these half-day sessions are important because they get you out of your day-to-day tasks while you brainstorm issues with like-minded business owners.  Since these sessions are open to the public, you might consider paying the entrance fee so you can see the advisor in action.  You will be inspired and energized at the very least, and it will give you a glimpse into how this advisor could benefit you in an on-going capacity.

Your advisor’s goal is to help your company grow.

Generating more money does not automatically mean that your profits will rise.  Your business advisor will work with you to establish the processes you need from the ground up.  With these tools in place you’ll will know exactly where your company is because you’ll be tracking the right data.  Your people will be better informed and focused.  You’ll minimize wasted time and money.  Your company will be healthy and profits will rise.  When you have a question or concern, your business advisor is only a phone call away.

If you would like to have a Review Session with coach Thom Torode, click here to schedule.

Thom Torode

Thom Torode

Thom Torode is a NJ based Professional Executive & Business Coach Fix This Next Advisor & EOS Implementer. Additionally, Thom is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker and Certified DISC Consultant. Having owned and operated over 5 different businesses he is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors. Thom’s expertise includes working with those business owners who have plateaued getting them unstuck and back in growth mode. Additionally, Thom works with both franchisees and franchisors in helping them develop their leadership. Thom is also Director Consultant with BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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