The Key to Being a Great Visionary Leader

There are a variety of leadership skills out there, but visionary leaders are individuals who often receive the most success out of the endeavors.

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These individuals can create and maintain a vision of a business and or organization that has not yet been created. This vision provides the owner with the will to work hard to achieve their goals, the passion to bring their vision to life, the creativity to adapt as times and technology advance, and the communication skills necessary to inspire their team and workforce to greatness.

Many people attempt to separate the creative process from the intellectual, but to be a truly great visionary leader, one must be able to think with both hemispheres of the brain. In order to effectively bring your creative ideas to life, one has to have the skills to apply this creative process to their whole organization. This individual will need the skills to bridge the creative with the intellectual while clearly articulating the value in their vision and empowering others to bring this idea to life. Having one or more of these skills allows the visionary leader to go after their creative endeavors in the most cost-efficient way.

While many tasks of the business process can be automated or delegated to other individuals, creativity cannot. These individuals are generally very charismatic and magnetic, providing them with the ability to manifest a vision, and delegate pieces of that vision to others. The goal of the visionary leader is to achieve company-wide adoption by planting the seed of an idea in the hearts and minds of others and watching the seed grow . This allows the visionary leader to hold on to the true picture without getting bogged down and losing their creative process. To do so, the visionary leader may set up an organizational structure or improve company hierarchy to ensure their vision is attainable.

Visionary leaders have a great talent for bringing out the best of people, and handling even the most challenging situations with grace and ease. This talent encourages all team members to rise up with a desire to pursue this vision and see it to fruition.

So how does one become a visionary leader? First you must begin to think like a leader. Practice visualizing and achieving goals in all areas of your life. Practice getting others excited about your vision and making them feel as though they are a part of something bigger and better.

It is also important to practice key leadership traits. Good leaders are:

Optimistic: Try to always look on the bright side of things, people should think of you as “that person who is never upset.”

Acceptance of Personal Responsibility: A good leader will not lay blame on others, complain or say “that isn’t my job” a great leader takes responsibility and performs a task to the best of their abilities.

Integrity: Having a strong since of integrity will earn the respect and admiration of others. Always tell the truth, and ensure you stick to a good sense of ethics and morals in all business dealings.

Communication Skills: Learn to enthusiastically communicate your thoughts and ideas. This shows confidence, and energy is infectious – which helps get others on board.

In the end, it does take a certain skill-set to be a visionary leader, but one does not have to be born with these skills. Keeping an open mind, and open heart and practicing good leadership skills in your daily life will naturally pave the way to becoming a visionary leader.

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Thom Torode is an Executive & Business Coach based in New Jersey. He has owned multiple different types of businesses and is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors.  Additionally, Thom is a Director Consultant in the middle NJ region of BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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Thom Torode

Thom Torode

Thom Torode is a NJ based Professional Executive & Business Coach and EOS Implementer. Having owned and operated over 5 different businesses he is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors. Thom’s expertise includes working with those business owners who have plateaued getting them unstuck and back in growth mode. Additionally, Thom works with both franchisees and franchisors in helping them develop their leadership. Thom is also Director Consultant with BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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