Top 10 Powerful Leadership Questions to Ask

Leadership: What would your business be like if you or your managers improved their performance by 30%?

Are you communicating effectively? Below are 10 Powerful Leadership Questions.  Solid strategic plans, strong work relationships, high morale and improved performance are all byproducts of good questions. I was at a seminar where we learned that “true communication is the response you get…” Think about that statement, wow very powerful.  Are you communicating as effectively as you could as the leader you want to be.  This potent communication tool can help you discover important information about your work, yourself, your associates, your customers—and create insights that otherwise might have remained hidden.

Powerful Leadership Questions

Powerful Leadership Questions

Below are just a few questions that can have powerful effects on your leadership skills. Ask your questions without leading, prompting or interrupting, and suspend any assumptions. And then be sure to LISTEN to the answers.

1. What is it that you’d like to see accomplished and how do you see it happening?

2. What are your thoughts? Your concerns?

3. What’s the most important priority to you with this and why?

4. What would you like to see improved?

5. Can you help me understand that a little better?

6. What’s in the way of improved performance? How can I change that?

7. If I could change one thing in my life/business that would have the greatest impact, what would it be?

8. What prevents me from being able to place more focus on this?

9. What self-limiting fears, thoughts or actions do I want to leave behind?

10. Are my actions today compatible with what I wish to leave behind as a legacy?

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Elevate Your Leaders

Elevate Your Leaders

Thom Torode

Thom Torode

Thom Torode is a NJ based Professional Executive & Business Coach Fix This Next Advisor & EOS Implementer. Additionally, Thom is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker and Certified DISC Consultant. Having owned and operated over 5 different businesses he is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors. Thom’s expertise includes working with those business owners who have plateaued getting them unstuck and back in growth mode. Additionally, Thom works with both franchisees and franchisors in helping them develop their leadership. Thom is also Director Consultant with BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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