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Organizing Your Office for Better Productivity

Do you sit down to work and find yourself browsing the web, or performing other unproductive tasks? Studies have shown that decreasing distractions while working can boost your productivity. If you find you are having trouble staying focused, you may wish to minimize distractions in the environment around you. An excellent way to ensure your environment increases productivity, is to organize your office for improved efficiency.
The first step to organizing your office space is to remove unnecessary clutter. Start by evaluating the objects you have around your office to better determine the necessity of having that item around. Upon thinking critically about the items around you, you may discover that the item is rarely used and doesn’t add anything useful to your work flow. In some cases, items may be old, broken or lingering around from a past project with no use in your current work. It’s important to get rid of items that you do not use and have no value. Many of us tend to keep objects around “just in case” but this can contribute to a lack of space to store items, and increased clutter. Be honest with yourself when evaluating your belongings, if you can’t bring yourself to throw away – or better yet, donate an item – consider placing it in another room or a closet.


Once you have gone through all of your belongings, you may find that you still do not have as much space as you would like. In this type of situation, the next best thing is to find creative ways to add space to the room. A great trick to adding space is to think vertically. The walls are your best friend for this type of task. Consider adding shelves, increasing space under your monitor, under your desk and hanging item from the back of your door to better organize smaller items.
Another great way to decrease clutter, and better organize your office is to tidy up loose cords. You may be surprised how much organizing your loose cables can add space to your desk and office area. Invest in cable ties, or even use old twisty ties from bread bags. Straighten up your cables, add twisty ties, and if possible find a way to secure them to the underside of your desk, or table legs to keep them out of the way.

The desk area can be one of the most difficult areas to organize, because this is where you do the most of your work – and put the majority of your loose odds and ends. To increase desk space, consider moving your desk to a wall, and mounting your monitor or monitors to the wall. Another option is to invest in monitor stands with cubby holes that allow you to hide papers and other items. Don’t forget about the space under your desk either. Investing in a small shelf that will fit under your desk, or even some decorative boxes to organize items in will free up a lot of room.
In the end when organizing try to think about space that you don’t get a lot of use out of – and find ways to maximize that area by storing items there. Try to organize your office so your most important items are closer at hand, and items you rarely use are stacked neatly on shelves or under your desk. If you have items that you will never use, try removing them from the room all together.
We hope you have enjoyed this months Business Tips.  Good luck with your organization, we are sure you will find a cleaner environment more conducive to your work productivity.

Thom Torode is an Executive & Business Coach based in New Jersey. He has owned multiple different types of businesses and is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors.  Additionally Thom is a Director Consultant in the middle NJ region of BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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Thom Torode

Thom Torode

Thom Torode is a NJ based Professional Executive & Business Coach Fix This Next Advisor & EOS Implementer. Additionally, Thom is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker and Certified DISC Consultant. Having owned and operated over 5 different businesses he is currently the Managing Director for Sunrise Business Advisors. Thom’s expertise includes working with those business owners who have plateaued getting them unstuck and back in growth mode. Additionally, Thom works with both franchisees and franchisors in helping them develop their leadership. Thom is also Director Consultant with BNI. When not helping business owners and their teams create the business and lives they want and need, he can be found following his kids activities.

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