Group Coaching for Time Management

Group Time Management and Priority Setting for Teams/Groups

Leonardo DaVinci and Benjamin Franklin had the same number of hours per day as you do.

Time management is not really a time management issues; more typically, it is a symptom of lack of clarification, prioritization, and delegation skills.

There will always be sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. What needs to change is our perception of time and where we choose to invest our efforts.

We all know that we should complete our most urgent tasks first. We also know that planning is imperative, yet the average person spends more time planning an annual vacation than planning his or her future.

How often do you feel overwhelmed?

The Time Management Series will help you focus on short term and long term goals that return the professional and personal rewards you desire. By developing time-saving strategies, you can overcome procrastination, effectively prioritize and invest your time wisely. Instead of sabotaging your time you will have systems to help you will maximize it.

Group Time and Priority - The Results are Measurable

  • Reduction of stress
  • Ability to accomplish more in less time
  • Reduced procrastination levels
  • Accelerated goal accomplishment

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