Group Coaching— Strategic Tactical Planning

Group Coaching for Strategic Tactical Planning (STP)

Where do you want your business to be a year from now? Five years?
Think of it as a blueprint for your future.

Our strategic tactical planning is a comprehensive, 30-40 hour process that helps you define your business vision, and create goals to execute towards the company's future growth.

Working closely with Sunrise Business Advisors (SBA) over the course of several months, we help you identify both long term and short term goals, and develop the action steps required to move your business forward.

It's a fact: people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their future.
After the Strategic Tactical Planning is complete, we can continue to coach your company as goals are executed. There may be obstacles along the way that can lead to derailment; our job is to help you find effective solutions and help you stay on plan.

Strategic Tactical Planning Coaching Delivers Measurable Results:

  • Increased market share
  • Increased earnings
  • Corporate values defined and sustained
  • Increased focus on attracting, servicing and retaining customers
  • Synergy among organizational departments or operating groups - working toward achievement of common goals
  • Resource allocation
  • Industry trends and technologies identified
  • Identification of new business opportunities

What others are saying about peer advisory groups:


"CEOs say it's tough to get advice they can trust. …executives are increasingly banding together to form informal peer groups." —WSJ

"The best leaders have confidantes who can give it to them straight, speak truth to power, and keep them in the know."

"Is there anyone outside of your company challenging you to grow yourself and your business?"

“Peer Groups can help businesses get ahead and execute plan more quickly.”

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