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Team Building

Franchise Sales Coaching – Producing Champions

Sales Coaching for Franchise business – The most direct way to impact your business quickly. There has been a lot of discussion in the press lately about the multi-million dollar salaries that many college football coaches are receiving after winning divisional and national championships. However, whether it is football, golf, or even world-class singers, it…

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Customer Retention Improvement for your Business

Improving Customer Retention If you’re a business owner, then of course you want to do everything you can to not only gain new customers, but to keep your existing customers loyal to you. Unfortunately, customer retention isn’t always easy; customers may leave as a result of a bad experience with one of your employees, a…

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Essential Tips for Hiring Great Employees

Hiring Great Employees for your Franchise business –  A Very Effective way to Create Consistent Results. All business owners face the ongoing dilemma of hiring and maintaining a staff of effective employees. This problem is especially well known to franchise business owners, who face the consistent requirement of filling a team of intelligent individuals who…

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How Sharp Are Your Leadership Skills?

The effectiveness of leadership skills in any team or organization plays a critical role in the levels of success and harmony that can be achieved. Take this Self-Assessment to determine whether your leadership skills have been sharpened to a keen edge. 1. I’ve become more comfortable delegating tasks and managing the performance of others than…

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Does Your Business Need a Laugh Break 2?

Does Your Business Need a Laugh Break 2? Thom Torode, MBA (2of 3) In part 1 we talked about the importance of having laugh breaks. Still, for too many, the prevailing attitude is that one cannot be “professional” and have fun at the same time. The office motto has become the athlete’s: No pain, no…

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