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How Sharp Are Your Leadership Skills?

The effectiveness of leadership skills in any team or organization plays a critical role in the levels of success and harmony that can be achieved. Take this Self-Assessment to determine whether your leadership skills have been sharpened to a keen edge. 1. I’ve become more comfortable delegating tasks and managing the performance of others than…

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Full Speed Ahead with Yes for 2014

Full Speed Ahead  with Yes for 2014 Would you like to start next year with more yes’s?  Full Speed Ahead with Yes for 2014.  With 2014 just around the corner imagine and visualize what this year would have been like if all you did was change your wording slightly? Nothing zaps a great idea faster…

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Does Your Business Need a Laugh Break Pt 3

In Part 1 & 2 of Does your Business Need a Laugh Break we talked about the benefits a good laugh can bring to your business.  Now let’s take a look at the ancillary benefits then give you those 7.5 Ways for Bringing More Humor Into Your Business Life. Consider these three areas Stronger Connections,…

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Does Your Business Need a Laugh Break 2?

Does Your Business Need a Laugh Break 2? Thom Torode, MBA (2of 3) In part 1 we talked about the importance of having laugh breaks. Still, for too many, the prevailing attitude is that one cannot be “professional” and have fun at the same time. The office motto has become the athlete’s: No pain, no…

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