Slingshot Sales Qualifying

Sales Qualifying

In our last article, we discussed Sales Targets and understanding why people buy.  Once we have know whether it’s primarily based on Pain or Pleasure, we can now determine if the opportunity is real through Sales Qualifying Questions (SQQ).

The Band

In the Sling Shot Sales Process all the aspects of the process lead up to having a band that is taught and ready to hit your target.  In this part of the process we are adding energy to the band preparing for its release.

Typical Qualifying Questions: 

Slingshot Sales Qualifying

Slingshot Sales Qualifying

  • Does the prospect have and issue that is big enough to justify paying you money?
  • Is there a budget and ability to spend?
  • Are all the relevant decision-makers part of the process?
  • Is there a clear time line and process to decide?
  • What solution will best solve their problem?

As you prepare to build out your Sling Shot Sales Qualifying Process, remember that you are the professional sales person must always be aware to define all the aspects of your process.

Typically these elements are required in the Sales Qualifying Process:

  1. The Step in the Process
  2. How that step happens (phone, email, in person)
  3. Time for each step
  4. Criteria in determining success and knowing when its OK to move onto the next step.

As you follow these steps the band on your Sling Shot will continue will continue to tighten preparing you for the next step of handling objections and managing momentum.

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