We want American Leadership

By Thom Torode | November 1, 2013

“We Want American Leadership, “ said a member of a diplomatic delegation of a major U.S. ally. He said it softly, as if confiding he missed an old friend. For those looking for political pundits taking sides in what has once again made our country a laughingstock, take heed there will be none.  Most of…

Formula for Change

By Thom Torode | September 26, 2013

Formula for Change Very few things conjure up feelings of stress and panic like change.  I was having a conversation with a friend about some changes he encountered this week, it was for the most part just a typical week.  Except for perhaps one major event in his life; Apple introduced their newest, most advanced…

Stress Less Communication at Work – Success in 5.5 Steps!

By Thom Torode | September 17, 2013

What would your work day be like if you had Stress Less Communication at work?  Think about this scenario: You’re in the break room with a colleague, when he looks over and asks, “Do you always butter your bread that way?” Ha, ha, you laugh. But inside, your story is going like this: Who does…

Top 10 Powerful Leadership Questions to Ask

By Thom Torode | August 26, 2013

Leadership: What would your business be like if you or your managers improved their performance by 30%? Are you communicating effectively? Below are 10 Powerful Leadership Questions.  Solid strategic plans, strong work relationships, high morale and improved performance are all byproducts of good questions. I was at a seminar where we learned that “true communication…

Small business Stress Management

By Thom Torode | July 26, 2013

Managing your small business stress What does stress mean to you as a small business owner?  Stress can be either a tool or road block to your success as a small business owner. 

Procrastination in Business – Part 2

By Thom Torode | July 24, 2013

Procrastination in Business – Part 2 In my last post, I wrote about:

Procrastination in Business – Part 1

By Thom Torode | July 24, 2013

Procrastination in Business “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” – Victor Kiam Procrastination in Business, what it is and what are the effects… After a recent session with one of my clients we started talking about something they had committed to doing at least 3-4 months ago,

Your Business Blind Spots

By Thom Torode | July 24, 2013

Business Blind Spots – We all have them Your Business Blind Spots, every business owners has them.   Before we explore the “who” and “how” of blind spots, let’s understand what they are and how they can affect your business.

Building Effective Teams

By Thom Torode | July 21, 2013

Building Effective Teams – Thom Torode, MBA, CBC, CEC: Most people are familiar with TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), so why is it that we often see teams that could be classified as dysfunctional?